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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22 (2), July-Dec., 2017, pp.101 -117

Identification of Morphometric Relief Aspects Case Study of Kottur Block at Tiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu (India)

Dayalan, N.M.Phil
Guest Lecturer,
Department of Geography,
Periyar E.V.R. College (Auto.),
Triuchirappalli-620 023, Tamil Nadu, India.


Morphometric analysis is part of geomorphological studies. It can provide vital clues concerning the landscape evolution. The present paper examines the implications different morphometric parameters. This parameters using find out the relationship proves its significance of relief development in this study area. The study area is extends between10°94′N, 79° 55′ E to 11°7’N, 79.62°E. It has an average elevation of below 5 meters. The study area locates in Thiruturaipoonditaluk, Thiruvarur district at Tamil Nadu, India.The study area has a plain terrain of alluvial soil, consisting of sand, silt and clay. The study Area located between Delta of Cauvery River and near to coast of Bay of Bengal. These study analysis of various drainage parameters namely ordering of the various streams and measurement of area of basin, perimeter of basin, length of drainage channels, drainage density (Dd), drainage frequency, bifurcation ratio (Rb), drainage texture (T), Roughness index and ruggedness was determined. The total parameter analysis of this study area, overlays each and every parameter.

Key words: Morphometric, Kottur Block, Drainage Density, Cauvery River, Stream Order, Delta.


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