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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22 (2), July-Dec., 2017, pp.119 -150

Tectono-morphometry of Drainage Basins Along Major Faults and Lineaments of Western Rajasthan

Sonali Jain, Kishan Vaishnav and Harsh Bhu*
Department of Geology, ML Sukhadia University, Udaipur 313001


The post Mesozoic collision of the Indian and Eurasian plate resulted into deformation and segmentation of the Indian Plate. The differential movement of the segmented tectonic blocks of western Rajasthan in context to Indian Plate was evidenced by geomorphic indices at sub watershed level in the Jaisalmer, Luni Sukri and Banas-Sipu basins. The block uplift and tilting are due to movements of faults parallel to Jaisalmer-Barwani lineament/Kanoi Fault and Luni- Sukri lineaments which are intersecting the region. The geomorphic indices of sub watersheds along the active faults are higher as compared to other region of the basins.

Key words: Mesozoic Collision, Tectonic Blocks, Faults and Lineaments, Intraplate seismicity, Epicentres, Drainage Basins, Geomorphic Indices.


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