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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22(2), July-Dec., 2017, pp.151 -167

Recent Morphotectonics Processes in Lower Valleys of Southern Desert - Iraq

*Raheem Hameed Abd Al-Abdan and **Ahmad S. Yasien Al-Gurairy

*Department of Geography, Thi-Qar University, Thi-Qar, Iraq.

**Department of General Geology and Geological Mapping, Russian State Geological Prospecting University, Moscow, Russia.
College of Arts, Al-Qadisiyah University, Iraq.


The aim of the study is to identify the type and nature of recent Morphotectonic processes Southern Desert of Iraq, as well as to identify the evidence that confirms these processes, depending on the geological structures. The rivers basins, river networks, faults and folds, as well as longitudinal sections and forms of river drainage patterns, which have been drawn by using topographic maps, in addition to satellite image by using Arc GIS 10.2.
The location of the River Capture or River Piracy and the sites of the rivers basins, which were separated into two parts, were identified. Also geological features with linear direction, forms of formation of plateaus, intersection, ground landing, and flood sediment and river bifurcation were identified. The geology of the region was also used to detect the occurrence of recent Morphotectonic activities
In this study we find that the upstream of Wadi Abu Ghar basin, was captured by the Sadir and Abu Ghuwair basins. The Sadir and Abu Ghuwair basins were not present at the beginning of the Quaternary period, and these basins were created when a fault occurred with northeast-southwest trend. Most recent studies indicate that the main river streams of the lower valleys were formed during the early Quaternary period.
All geological and geomorphological evidences confirm that Recent Neotectonic movements were happened in this part during the Quaternary period.

Key words: Morphotectonics, Neotectonic, River Capturing, Lower Dry Valleys, Southern Desert.


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