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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22 (2), July-Dec., 2017, pp.183-193

Digital Elevation Model Generation and its Application in Surface Analysis using Aster Dem Data

B.S. Manjare* , Pranjal Malgave** Vishakha Nathani **

*Department of Geology RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur
**P.G. Student of Department of Geology RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur (MS) India


Digital terrain analysis has many applications in morphometric slope analysis and geomorphological studies. The ability to analyze surfaces and landscapes in the form of GIS raster layers allows users to generate interesting and useful information from the elevation data stored in a DEM. In the present study the ASTER DEM of 30 mt. spatial resolution has been used to the Surface features like slop, aspect, counter and hillshade. Level lope occupied in all part of the study area while gentle and moderate to steep slope are seen entirely in the center part of the study area. The counter value which has been calculated using ARC GIS Software ranges from the 300mt to 500 mt. The hillshade values ranges from 0 to 180 in the study area. In the aspect map flat values is one and north values are in between 337.5 to 360. ARC GIS 10.3softwere has been used to calculate the said features. In applications of geographic information systems (GIS), provide opportunities for modeling, analyzing and displaying geographical phenomena connected with topography and relief.

Key words
: ASTER DEM, Remote Sensing and GIS


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