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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.59 No. 1 (Jan.- Feb.), 2018

P. Thilakar
Hema Tripathi

Perceived Deficiencies in Veterinary and Animal Science Curriculum as Revealed by the Students

Sheuli Ray
Manoj Debnath

Disparity of Female Work Participation in Agricultural Regions of West Bengal

A. Yasotha
T. Sivakumar
M. Sundaravinayaki
Demographic Profile of Dairy Farmers in the Industrial Areas of Karur District –Tamil Nadu, India 29
Farah Haris
Aneesh Kumar P.

Marital Satisfaction and Communication Skills among Married Couples 35
Gulshan Kumar
Financial Inclusion in India- Role of Banks 45

Vishala Patnam
Akshata Sheelawantar

Mate Selection Criteria of Undergraduate Female Students and Their Weightages for It 53
Rather Tajamul Islam
Sunita Shrivastava
Trends in Area, Production and Productivity of Apple Producing States of India 63
Mahesh Kumar Maurya Mental Health Status and Job Satisfaction of Male and Female Police Personnel in India 73
Hemu Rathore
Suman Singh
Charu Sharma
Drudgery and Role Performance of Rural Women in Dairy Management Practices in Udaipur, Rajasthan 89

Suheba Khan
Tauseef Fatima

Objectification of Women’s Body in Indian Television Advertisements 97
Tarsem Lal Role of N-LIST on Academic Libraries of Punjab State 109

Nagaratna C Kurbetta
Uma S Hiremath
Manjula Patil

Satisfaction of Rural Women About Training Programmes Organized by District Agricultural Training Centre 123
B Sowjanya
D V Subba Rao
R Vijaya Kumari
Effect of Income And Prices on Production and Marketing of Redgram – ARDL Model 133