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International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.14 (1) (Jan.-April, 2018) (59-67)

Perception of Fuel Energy Crisis and Stress among Rural Households in Hisar District of Haryana

Nayana Sharma* and Savita Singal**

*M.Sc Scholar
FRM Department
CCS HAU, Hisar 125004, Haryana

FRM Department
CCS HAU, Hisar 125004, Haryana


The study was undertaken with a sample of 100 female respondents, selected randomly from Gangwa village of Hisar block I, district Hisar. Data were collected with the help of structured interview schedule. Among commercial fuel energy sources, level of perception regarding kerosene crisis ranked highest (WMS- 2.59), followed by perception of LPG crisis (WMS- 2.35) and fuelwood crisis (WMS- 2.30). Perception level for crisis of non-commercial fuels viz., ago-waste/twigs/stalks and cow-dung ranked lowest (WMS- 2.07) as these fuels were available to them freely and/or cheaply. Respondents experienced ‘most severe’ economic and emotional stress due to fuel energy crisis (WMS- 2.62 and 2.35 respectively). 

Key words: Fuel energy crisis, Perception and stress, Rural households.

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