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International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.14 (1) (Jan.-April, 2018) (81-88)

A Study on Differences between Parental Support System and Dimensions of Identity Development among Adolescents

G. Swarupa Rani* and M. Sarada Devi**

*Ph.D Scholar
Dept. of HDFS
C.H.Sc, Hyderabad.
Head of HDFS Department
C.H.Sc, Hyderabad.



The aim of this investigation was to identify the differences between parental support system and dimensions of identity development among adolescents. A sample number of 120 adolescents belonging to different age groups from schools and colleges were selected for the study. Parental Support Scale developed by Dr.Niveditha Sharma and Nimmi Khare (2002) and questionnaire developed by Cheek and Briggs (2013) on aspects of identity development was used for data collection. Results indicate that,there were significant differences found in the mean scores of perceived parental support system and identity development of adolescents and further the results also shows the significant differences between two variables such as identity and the dimensions of parental support system i.e. parental interest and parental resource provision. Which means the adolescents who are receiving high parental support in terms of parental interest and parental resource provision had high mean scores on aspects of identity development such as social, relational and collective identity.

Key words: Identity, Identity development, Parents, Parents support


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