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International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.14 (1) (Jan.-April, 2018) (113-119)

A Study on Attitude of Young Women Towards Dowry System in India

Vijayeta Priyadarshini* and Itishree Swain**

*Lecturer in Home Science
Govt. Women’s College
Keonjhar, Odisha

**Dept. of Home Science
Govt. Women’s College
Keonjhar, Odisha


Dowry, an age old custom in Indian society, has of late, become an indispensable ritual in marriage alliances. Despite denials, marriage proposals did involve open negotiation and payment of dowry. Dowry, which was earlier regarded as a token of love and affection, given by the girl’s parents according to their ability, has now become institutionalised as a right to be demanded by the boy’s parents (Mathew A.,2009 ; Nithya N.R., 2013). Dowry has become a social menace in modern India leading to the oppression on women, physical violence on the bride, causing a financial and emotional stress on the parents of the bride, marital conflict and so on. The present study tried to find the attitude of young women towards dowry system. 
Key words: Dowry, Attitude towards dowry, Consequence of dowry.