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National Geographer, Vol.L, No.1 + 2 (Jan-June, July-Dec. 2015), Pages 1-13

Status of Women in Slums of Varanasi City

Darshan Kumar Jha, Rahul Harshwardhan and V.K. Tripathi
Banaras Hindu University,
Life is hard in slum where no basic facilities are available and it is much harder for women because they are deprived of own basic necessities like nutritious food, health, education etc. The prime objective of this paper is to analyze the living and working condition of women living in slums of Varanasi city. This paper also aims to evaluate the comparative condition of women live in different slums of the city. In this paper, both primary and secondary data have been used, primary data have been collected through interview schedule and secondary data collected from various governmental agencies like Census of India, Varanasi Municipal Corporation, Rajiv Awas Yojna, DUDA etc. The study reveals pathetic condition of women living in slums of Varanasi in terms of health, economic and working status as well as value in family. The study also highlights that the condition of women differs from one slum to another. 

THE growth of cities and towns as a result of urbanization and industrialization throughout the world has created both opportunities and difficulties. The pace of urbanization has exceeded urban local body capacities to provide basic amenities to city residents like adequate housing, water, electricity, and sanitation. Therefore, rapid and unplanned urbanization in many developing countries like India has resulted in the emergence of slums, where thousands of urban dwellers live in deprivation of even the most basic services. Slum life has never been easy for the urban poor in so far as housing and living conditions are concerned. For women, the problems are especially acute (COHRE 2008). In the worst living condition in slums, women while taking care of other family members gets deprived of own basic necessities like nutritious food, health etc. and this deprivation leads to problems related to health, hygiene, education, social security etc.