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National Geographer, Vol.L, No.1 + 2 (Jan-June, July-Dec. 2015), Pages 65-78

Land Use Pattern in Devipatan Division (U.P.)
S.K. Dikshit and Ashutosh Rai
D.D.U. Gorakhpur University,
Land is a valuable resource from the nature. Its judicious utilization paves the way for economic development and prosperity, while its misuse leads to catastrophic changes and economic deprivation. In the present paper an attempt has been made to analyse the pattern of land use in Devipatan Division of Uttar Pradesh. It has been found that due to rapid expansion of agriculture the forest area is shrinking which is having adverse effect on its ecology and environment. Hence, there is a need for scientific land use planning whereby fallow land could be brought under cultivation, area under forests could be increased and only infertile land should be utilised for development purposes.
THE land has been considered as the part of physical environment. The capable and rising human being, both in terms of capability and in numbers, has been reshaping the pattern of land on earth surface since long ago. The reflections of interactions between man and nature decide the composition of land use of any region and of any dimension. In fact, man uses the land within several framework viz., physical, social and economic, which often operate together. There are two sets of limits which determine the pattern of land use in any particular region. First, the absolute or outer limit which is set by nature and the second, relative limit set by culture, human attitude and actions, which determine the range of actual and probable use within the limits (Zimmermann 1951). The land use pattern shows the use of land by human beings for different purposes. Information of land use permits a better understanding of the land use aspects like, water resources, forest cover, agricultural land, waste land etc (Sharma 2013). Thus the land use of any region has physical as well as human and cultural dimensions and it also has eminence importance for planners as well as geographers of any region or country.