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National Geographer, Vol.L, No.1 + 2 (Jan-June, July-Dec. 2015), Pages 137-146

Health Facilities in Ambedkar Nagar District: A Spatial Perspective

Shiv Shankar and Radhe Shyam Ram
Allahabad University,
Medical facility is important component of social-economic development and its availability to all for change of society structure. Therefore the necessity of sufficient availability of health service such hospital’s health centres, beds, doctors and other health personal can hardly be over emphasized. Comprehensive health care has been defined as the community guaranteeing all groups of population the best available medical care and the maximum coverage for the prevention of illness and promotion of health. In this paper an attempt has been made to focus attention on the medicine system and different aspects of health care facilities available in Ambedkar Nagar district.
Key words: Health, Medical facilities, Diseases
IN India health care system is the synthesize form of capitalistic and socialistic systems. Public health services and private health service system co-exist in this study region. Our government’s political ideology of democratic ideal values allows both public and private health services to function side by side. So here, both public and private health services provide to the health needs of various sections of the society. Since with the limited resource, the status of public health services is not able to provide satisfactory health service to all the citizens, the private health service supports the public health service by meeting health needs of those who can afford to pay for it. Medical facility, being an integral part of socio-economic conditions, has major role in the prevention of disease and promotion of health. Hence medical facilities available in any regional unit manifest in the level of human health and wellbeing.