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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol. 59 (5) (Sep. - Oct., 2018) (695-701) 

A Comparative Study on Consumer Awareness About Food Packaging and Labeling Among Adolescent Girls and Boys in Sultanpur City

Archana Singh

Assistant Professor
Sultanpur (U.P)

Svechchha Singh

Research Scholar
Sultanpur (U.P)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the frequency of reading food labels and to compare the knowledge, attitude and practice of reading the food label between the adolescent boys and girls, residents of Sultanpur (UP), India. In this survey, 100 volunteers aged 13-19 years were asked to complete a questionnaire contained twenty questions. there was equal male and female respondents. almost everyone has come across adulterated food items among population, 48% male and 45% female came across with malpractices in food items while 2% of male and 5% of female were not face any such type of adulteration or duplicity, 70% female and 36% male respondents informed very much with labelling, 54% male and 20% female were moderately informed while 8% male and 6% female were informed minimally and only 2% male and 4% female were not satisfied with the information on printed on packets. all of the respondents (both male and female) had habit of reading food labels before purchasing any packed food items. 

Keywords: Food Label; Nutrition; Packaging.


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