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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol. 59 (5) (Sep. - Oct., 2018) (719-733) 

Seventh Pay Revision vis-à-vis Higher Education in India

Ashraf Alam

Institute of Education
Amity University
Noida (India)

Meena Kumari

Centre for Tribal and Customary Law
Central University of Jharkhand (India)
Jharkhand (India)

Shamsher Alam

Assistant Professor
Centre for Tribal and Customary Law
Central University of Jharkhand (India)
Jharkhand (India)


Revision of salary of faculty members engaged in higher education in India is a decadal phenomenon. The last pay revision was done in 2006. Thereafter, it was on 2nd November 2017, that the Government of India notified pay revision for nearly 0.8 million teachers, falling in line with the recommendations of the Central Pay Revision Committee. The decision intends to benefit faculties and equivalent academic staff employed in 106 universities and colleges funded by Union Government, 329 universities funded by provincial state governments and 12,912 government and private aided colleges affiliated to state public universities. Although notified with a delay of almost two year, it shall be retrospectively applicable from January 1, 2016 and aims to ‘improve quality of higher education’ and also ‘attract and retain talent in the academia’. With the revision to be rolled out very soon in the near future, the current write-up divided into 6 sections, viz. (a) stagnancy in designation of faculty members, (b) non-anticipated and non-futuristic pay fixation, (c) scrapping of increment for higher qualification, (d) disparity in superannuation, (e) increased stress in consultancy assignments and (f) applicability of the pay revision in state government institutions; aims to puts forth a point-wise critique of the pay revision and its prospective deleterious repercussions on university and college education of India, in the coming times. 

Keywords: University Grants Commission; Higher Education in India; Indian Educational Policy; Ministry of Human Resource Development; Seventh Pay Revision.


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