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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.14 No. 3 (September - December), 2018

Preetika Garg Drawing Parallels Between Sashiko and Kantha: A Comparison of Two Needle Arts 305
Meghna K,     C Nirmala Standardisation of Ready to Eat Granular Ba 327
Anshu Shukla Role of Emotional Structure of Mother and its Impact on Adolescent’s Attitude Towards Disciplin 337
S Aishwariya Glove – An Unpopular Journey As A Royal Fashion Accessory 343
Mamta Jaiswal, Richa Singh A Study on Healthy Food Consumption Pattern Among Adolescents Girls in Sultanpur City 355
Deepika Baranwal, Rashmi Singh A Comparative Study on Nutritional Status of Anaemic Adolescent Girls 361
Payal Mahajan Perception and Behaviour on Use of Sanitary Napkins During Menstruation Among Adolescent School Goers of Gurgaon 377
Mahajabi Fatma, Garima Upadhyay A Meta Analytical Study of Physiological and Nutritional Aspect of Stress in Adolescent Girls 385
Sonali Kartik, Suman Audichya Educational Satisfaction Among Rural Adolescents: A Comparative Analysis 397
Shruti Singh Social-Emotional-Educational Adjustment Among Adolescents  407
S M Dhavan, R M Kamble Assessment of Nutritional Status of Postmenopausal Women with Special Reference to Anthropometric Measurements and Dietary Pattern 417
Eisha Qamar, Ankita Gupta, Neeta Chopra Incorporation of Buckwheat and Flaxseed in Some Indian Recipes with Special Reference to Cardiovascular Diseases 427
Kiran Agrahari, Pooja Verma Assessment of Nutritional Status of School Going Children in Sultanpur City 441
S Aishwariya Scarf - A Fashion Expedition from Egypt 447