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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY, Volume 23 (2), July-Dec., 2018, pp.99-112

Bed-Morphology of River Ganga: A Study Between Ankin Ghat and Kanpur

*Girijesh Lal Srivastava and **Sukamal Maity

*Associate Professor, Department of Geography, 
D.A-V.. College (C.S.J.M University), Kanpur. (U.P.)
**W.B. Govt. Approved Part-time lecturer,
Narajole Raj College of V.U. (W.B.)



Bed morphology is a Geomophological subfield which analyses bed relief, bedmaterials, fuvial process and morphometry of bed topography. The main objective of this study is to analyze bed relief features particularly pools, riffles, ripples, bars and island in river Ganga between Ankin Ghat and kanpur. This study also focuses light on the morphometrical analysis of river bed. This study is based on the field observation and field survey. The study region of river Ganga lies in lower part of the upper Ganga plain between two hydrological station Ankin Ghat (u/s) and Kanpur (d/s). It claims 188 km2 river bed area and 81.50 km (reach length 60.75 km) thalweg length. The width of river course varies greatly from point to point as its maximum width is 5.02 km, while minimum is only 0.62 km. in 68 km channel length. River Ganga forms 21 pools, 20 riffles, 83 sand bars and 18 islands of vivid dimensions. Out of total river bed area about 46.71 % (85.93 km2) area is covered by sand bars, while 20.26 % (38.07 km2) area is covered by islands. Rest of the bed area (34.03 %) is covered by shoals, pools and riffles.


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