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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY, Volume 23 (2), July-Dec., 2018, pp.127-137

Application of Google Earth in Glaciers Snout Change Study in the Bhagirathi Valley, Uttarakhand, Central Himalaya

Sarfaraz Ahmad, Khatib Khan and Sadaf Siddique 

Department of Geology, AMU, Aligarh, India


High resolution Google earth images were used in determining the glaciers′ snout retreat rate in the Bhagirathi valley. It is hard to distinguish the change in position of the glaciers snout even on high resolution images due to debris covered area all around and roughness of the terrain. The snout movements were not mapped for the 35% glaciers due to uncertainties in identification of movement. Pattern of the glaciers snout movement indicated that 76% and 24% are retreating and stable respectively. It is observed that the debris covered, long glaciers with high relief are showing less retreat rate than clean and small glaciers. However, highest normalize retreat is found for the glaciers oriented with southern aspect irrespective to types of cover on them. 

Key words: Google Earth, Garhwal Himalaya, Climate Change, Glaciers Retreat. 


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