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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol. 60 No. 3 (May - June), 2019

Dipankar Chakravarti, S K Rajoriya

Popularization of Oyster Mushroom Cultivation in Tribal Areas of District Udaipur, Rajasthan for Sustainable Additional Income and Malnutrition 321
Ajita Gupta, Seema Kashyap

Rural Consumers: Awareness Regarding the Legal Provisions of Consumer Interest 

Navreet, Roohi Grover   To Assess Food Adulteration Related Awareness of Literate Female Homemakers in Chandigarh and Detection of Adulteration in Food Items Purchased by Them 341
Debananda Behera, Swayamprava Mishra The Extent of Financial Inclusion in the North-Eastern States of India 355
Shakhawat Ullah Chowdhury Partnership for Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh: The Alternative Approaches 369

Nishi Dixit, Meenakshi Singh


Association Between Generation Gap with Age And Sex in Jhansi City 409
Pratima Sachan, Pratima Tiwari, Neelma Kunwar Causes of Increasing Drug Addiction Practices Among Teenagers in Kanpur City 415
Sana Hashmi Elderly Women’s Work: Neglected or Noticeable (A Case Study of Slum Areas of Aligarh City) 421
Swati Sucharita, Indira Bishnoi A Study on Marketing Strategy of the SHGS in Ranapur Block of Odisha 431

Vijay Kumar Gangal, Kirti Singh

Role of Self Help Groups in Financial Inclusion and Development: A Study of Agra Rural 439
Priyanka Jaiswal, Meenakshi Singh  Opinion of People Regarding Female Feticide in Uttar Pradesh State 455

Shreya Chaudhary,S K Srivastava

Job Satisfaction and Wellbeing of Staff Nurse with their Hospital Type 461
Subrat Kumar Rana Self Help Groups as a Tool for Poverty Alleviation: A Study of Balasore District of Odisha 469
Roselin Basumatary An Analysis of Female Literacy Rate and Its Impact on Life Expectancy at Birth in India 479