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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.55 No.3, 2014

  1. Training Related Constraints Experienced by the Dairy Farmers of the Jammu District by Shazia Shafiq, Pranav Kumar, S A Khandi and M S Bhadwal, Pp 361-365.
  2. Livelihood Assets Status of Tribal People in Bundu Block of Ranchi District in Jharkhand by Mohammad Ajaz-ul-Islam, R Rai and S M Sulaiman Quli, Pp 367-377.
  3. Role of Women Workers in Seafood Processing Unit in the State of Tamil Nadu by T Amaravathi, M R Premalatha, P Parimalam, G Hemalatha and J Pushpa, Pp 379-391.
  4. Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on Knowledge and Adoption of Improved Production Technology of Castor (Ricinus Communis L.) in Rajasthan by S K Agarwal and S K Intodia, Pp 393-399.
  5. Scale to Measure Attitude of Pet Dog Owners Towards Computer Usage by Anu George, P J Rajkamal and R S Jiji, Pp 401-405.
  6. Causes Related to Infertility by Kranti, Mithilesh Verma and Sangeeta Gupta, Pp 407-410.
  7. Effect of Training Through Information Kiosk on Knowledge Level of Fermers on Maize Production Technology by S K Intodia, Pp 411-415.
  8. Constraints in Empowerment of Rural Women by Navdeep Kaur Sandhu and Renuka Aggarwal, Pp 417-422.
  9. Purpose of Computer and Internet Use Among Students by Sarita, Sangeeta Gupta and Mithilesh Verma, Pp 423-426.
  10. A Critical Analysis of the Privatization of Agricultural Extension Services by Parveen Kumar and M S Nain, Pp 427-435.
  11. Selection of Organic Acids as Feed Acidifier by R Venkata Subramani, P Vasanthakumar, D Chandrasekaran, V Pandian, M R Purushothaman and D Rajendran, Pp 437-442.
  12. Medicinal Plants for Digestive Disorders by Sunita and Seema Rani, Pp 443-448.
  13. Perceived Feasibility of Beekeeping Enterprise Among Rural Women in Haryana by Shivangi Mittal and Sushma Kaushik, Pp 449-456.
  14. Knowledge of Rural Adolescents Girls Regarding Menstruation in Faizabad District of Uttar Pradesh by Ragini Mishra, Sudha Mishra and Shabnam Ansari, Pp 457-463.
  15. Facebook Effects on the Users by Anamika Singh, Mithilesh Verma and Sangeeta Gupta, Pp 465-468.
  16. Problems Faced by the Fruit Growers in Availing Services Under National Horticulture Mission by Sahil Garg and Prabhjot Kaur, Pp 469-476.
  17. Constraints Perceived by the Farmers in Adoption of Recommendations of Drip Irrigation System (DIS) by Narpat Singh and K L Dangi, Pp 477-483.
  18. Possibilities of Information and Communication Technologies Application in Agriculture by S R Verma, K Chyal, F L Sharma, N K Panjabi and B Upadhayay, Pp 485-489.
  19. A Comparative Study of Womens’ Rights Awareness Among Working and Non-working Women of Lucknow City of Uttar Pradesh by Ragini Mishra and Sudha Mishra, Pp 491-498.