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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol. 62 (1+2) (Jan-Feb + March-April, 2021) (57-67) 


Namita Kumari Das

Asst. Prof in Psychology
Dhenkanal Autonomous College
Dhenkanal, Odisha (India)


The covid-19 pandemic since its outbreak in December 2019 in China has been escalating and posing a serious threat to mankind. As the pandemic sweeps rapidly across the globe, it is certainly having vast psychological impacts on peoples. Literature around previous epidemics and Covid-19 shows great hazard for psychological and psychiatric morbidity. With this background, the paper analised the psychological impact of pandemics including Covid-19 on human being both at the individual and community level. The paper identified the vulnerable section of the population and described the behavioural responses and emotional reactions to a pandemic such as fear, anxiety, PTSD, stress, and depression. State-sponsored morale-boosting actions like lighting candles, clapping, and ringing bells to encourage covid warriors were appreciated internationally. The author highlights the preventive measures and policy intervention to ensure positive mental health.

Key words: Pandemic, Covid-19, Mental Health, Policy Intervention.


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