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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.55 No.6, 2014

  1. In Vitro Production of Volatile Fatty Acid in the Rumen Liquor of Goats, Incubated with Subabul (Leucaena leucocephala) Containing Mimosine by P. Prabaharan and P. A. Davasia, Pp 757-761.
  2. Tribal Farmers’ Perceptions on the Role of Mass Media in Agricultural Development: A Case Study of Tarai Region in India by Mohamad Awais and Nizamuddin Khan, Pp 763-772.
  3. Association Between the Selected Independent Variables and Their Adoption Level of Recommended Coriander Production Technology by Surendra Kumar, Hanuman Lal, Hanuman Sahay Bunkar and Dharmendra Kumar Meena, Pp 773-779.
  4. Efficacy of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Alleviating Symptoms of Depression and Stress in Institutionalized Elderly by K. Jayanthi Rani and S. Gayatridevi, Pp 781-785.
  5. Attitudinal and Motivational Characteristics of Tribal and Non-tribal Dairy Farmers of Cachar District of Assam by L. Sanathoi Khuman, K. K. Saharia, Pulin Hazarika and Mafidul Haque, Pp 787-793.
  6. Constraints Perceived by Ber Growers in Seeking Information on Ber Cultivation in Jaipur District of Rajasthan by B.L. Dhayal, I.M. Khan and M.K. Jangid, Pp 795-805.
  7. A Scale to Measure Attitude of Farmers Towards Climate Change by P. Archana, V. Sudha Rani, A. Srinivas and Manasa Grandhi,  Pp 807-814.
  8. Psychological Effects on Infertile Women by Mithilesh Verma and Sangeeta Gupta, Pp 815-817.
  9. Training Needs of Tomato Growers about Improved Tomato Production Technology in Jaipur District of Rajasthan by Jeewan Ram Jat, Sangram Singh and Krishn Pal Singh Rathor, Pp 819-822.
  10. To Measure the Knowledge Level of Farmers about Recommended Coriander Production Technology by Surendra Kumar, Hanuman Lal and Hanuman Sahay Bunkar, Pp 823-826.
  11. Knowledge Level of Organic and Conventional Farmers about Different Types of Compost by M.K. Jangid, B.L. Dhayal, I.M. Khan and Sangram Singh, Pp 827-837.
  12. An Attitudinal Study to Measure the Psychological Disposition of the Rural Youth towards Agriculture by M. Anamica and V. Ravichandran, Pp 839-847.
  13. Gender, Perceived Stress and Somatization by Arif Ali and S.P. Deuri, Pp 849-854.
  14. Problems Faced by Stakeholder Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Children) by Sangeeta Gupta and Mithilesh Verma, Pp 855-858.
  15. Impact of Front Line Demonstration on Adoption of Integrated Management Practices in Sheep by K. Devaki and P. Kumaravel, Pp 859-864.
  16. Rural Farm Women and Common Health Indicators by Judi Talukdar and Kamala Kanta Saharia, Pp 865-870.