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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.54 No.3 (May - June), 2013

C Pandiyan, G Kumaresan, B Murugan, G Rajarajan, A Elango and S Gayathri Development of Prebiotic Ice Cream Incorporated With Maltodextrin  187
U R Tamuli and P Hazarika Multiple Regressional Analysis Between Personal Socio-Economic Psychological and Communicational Variables and Feeding Adoption of Scientific Dairy Management Practices of Tribal and Non-Tribal Dairy Farmers  193
B Sowjanya, R Vijaya Kumari, P Rajeswara Reddy and B S Kularni Economic Feasibility of Drip Irrigation in Mango Cultivation: A Study in Andhra Pradesh, India  199
R K Kalra, G Jassal, S S Hundai and Jaswinder Kaur Adoption of Vermiculture Practices By Farmers of Hoshiarpur District  211
Rajashree Shere, Vishala Patnam
Veena Bhalerao and
Madhuri Kulkarni
Time and Money Spending Patterns of Urban Undergraduate Students on cell Phones  221
Mahaveer Choudhary, Nitin I Shah and R M Naik Knowledge Level of Farmers About Improved Mango Cultivation  227
Ruma Bhattacharya Religious Fairs and Festivals of Tribals In Tripura (A Historical Analysis of Religious Ceremonies)  233
S L Soni and I M Khan Role of Extension Trainings and Rural Development Programmes in Sustainability of Extension Organization and Management  245
B Sowjanya and R Vijaya Kumari Resource Productivity of Mango Orchards Under Drip and Surface Irrigation Systems  251
S R Khole and R P Kadam Aspirations of Post Graduating Girls Student in State Agricultural University  261
Rohit Garg, Priti Arun and Bir Singh Chavan Reliability of the Stigma Scale in the Indian Setting  267
L Hemochandra, R K Bhanisana, N Montessori and L Inakhunba Singh Organic Farming in Manipur: A Case Study of Turmeric and Ginger  277