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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.54 (3) (May - June, 2013) (227-231)


Mahaveer Choudhary
Assistant Research Scientist (Ext. Edu.)
Agriculture Experimental Station
NAU, Paria, Pardi (Valsad), Gujarat

Nitin I Shah
Associate Research Scientist (Horti)
Agriculture Experimental Station
NAU, Paria, Pardi (Valsad), Gujarat

R M Naik
SMS (Extension Education)
Krishi Vigyan Kendra
NAU, Navsari, Gujarat


The research study was conducted by personal interview with 80 farmers in Pardi and Ahwa Talukas of Valsad and Dang district of Gujarat state. It has been found that out of selected practices the farmers had highest knowledge i.e. up to 70.00 per cent about flowering regulation. The second highest knowledge of the farmers was towards selection and grading (65.00%) followed by fertilizer application (53.43%) and plant protection measures (46.87%).  The practices like mango hybrid and fruit drop control were moderately known by the farmers to the extent of 37.18 per cent and 26.25 per cent respectively.


Valsad is the western most district of Gujarat which occupies not only important position in South Gujarat but also in whole of the state as far as agricultural and industrial development is concerned. It is popularly known as mango district of Gujarat as about 20 per cent of state’s mango production comes from this district besides producing sapota and other minor fruit crops. While in Dang district, mango production is very low and it contributes near about only 3 per cent of the state’s mango production. Mango mainly used as a fresh fruit, mango-papad, pickles and used by canning industry, which is important source of earning money and provides the employment to the large number of people.

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