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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.54 No.4 (July - Aug), 2013

Vijay Kumar

Impact of Print-Media on Helpline Service  285
Hanuman Sahay Bunkar, Hanuman Lal, J P Yadav and Surendra Kumar Association Between Attitude of Beneficiary Farmers Towards Drip Irrigation Technology and Their Selected Independent variables  289
P S Swathi Lekshmi, K Chandrakandan and N Balasubramani Perception of Cost of Shrimp Culture Technologies and Policies Affecting the Adoption of Shrimp Culture Technologies: A Comparative Study Between Shrimp Farmers of Nellore and Nagapattinam  295
Heena Qadir and Dinesh Kumar Singh Changing Socio-Economic Scenario and Emerging Issues of Elderly in Kashmir  301
Swapnali Borah Perceived Physiological Workload of Rural Women of Meghalaya Involved In Fetching Water  315
V Jain, K Rana and S K Varma Impact of Training on Value Added Products from Mung on Gain in Knowledge and Change in Attitude of Rural Women of Haryana  323
Indu Karki, Promila Sharma, S D Samantaray and Devinder Dhingra Shift Work and Its Impact on the Sleep Quality of Nurses  329
Surendra Kumar, Hanuman Lal and Hanuman Sahay Bunkar Association Between the Selected Independent Variables and Their Knowledge Level of Recommended Coriander Production Technology  337
B Aparna and C V Hanumanthaiah Supply Response of Five Major Vegetables in Visakhapatnam District of Andhara Pradesh - An Econometric Analysis  345
C Pandiyan, G Kumaresan, R Annal Villi, B Murugan, G Rajarajan and A Elango Incorporation of Different Levels of Honey in Ice Cream  355
Kanwaljit Brar and S P Sidhu Level of Interest in New Fashions and Opinion Leadership Behaviour of Working and Non-Working Middle-Aged Women of Punjab  361
P Prabaharan, P A Davasia and C Pandiyan Mimosine Content in Different Parts of Subabul (Leucaena Leucocephala)  369
Sumangala Badami and Vishala Patnam Views of Maharashtrian Postgraduates About Dowry Divorce Remarriage and Singlehood  373
V S Jaitawat and M L Meena Evaluation of Front Line Demonstrations on the Yield of Cumin: A Case of Arid Zone of Rajasthan  381
Sita Ram, T R Singh and R C Kumawat An Economic Analysis of Crop Loan in the District Kanpur Nagar of Uttar Pradesh  387