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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.54 No.5 (Sept - Oct), 2013

P Prabaharan and P A Davasia In Vitro Degradation of Mimosine in Different  parts of Subabul (Leucaena Leucocephala)  399
Shakuntala Devi I, K Suhasini and
N Vasudev
Profitability of Maize Production in Rangareddy and Mahaboobnagar Districts of Andhara Pradesh  407
Pramod Kumar, Rakesh Kumar and Sanat Kumar Sewainya On-Farm Evaluation of Front Line Demonstrations on the Yield of Mustard in West Singhbhum District of Jharkhand  417
Rakesh Sharma, Rajinder Peshin and S E H Rizvi Impact of the Integrated Pest Management-Farmer Field School (IPM-FFS) Programme on the Vegetable Growers Knowledge  423
Preeti Nauriyal and K Oberoi Ergonomic Stress Level of Women Worker in the Spinning Industry  439
P K Pal and
T K Mandal
Use and Dissemination of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK)  447
M N Ray, K K Saharia, J Sarma and
D Brahma
Solutions to the Constraints Perceived by the Veterinary Assistant Surgeons and Dairy Farmers in Assam  455
Philip Kamei The Nature of Exclusiveness and Inclusiveness in the Working Principle of Fifth and Sixth Scheduled with Focus on Tribal People  465
Preeti Singh and Indu Grover Gender Analysis of Information and Communication Technology in Rural Haryana  475
Sunita and
Seema Rani
Awareness of Medicinal Plants by Rural Women of Haryana  481
Debabrata Mondal and Chandan Maji Profitability of Major Food Grain Crops in Birbhum District of West Bengal  489
Surya Rathore and Shefali Massey Perception of Farmers Towards Pantnagar Farmers’ Fair (Kisan Mela)  507
K C Meena, Subhash Aswal and Mahesh Kumar Shivhare Impact Assessment of Frontline Demonstrations on Green Gram (Vigna Radiata) in Baran District of Rajasthan  513
Sushila Devi Mukesh, Shrivastav
and Neelam Kanwar
Occupational Health Hazards of Farm Women in Farm Activities  521
Shibu K Jacob and Anu George Training Need Analysis of Livestock Inspector Trainees  527