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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.54 No.6 (Nov - Dec), 2013

M N Ray, M Haque and
B Borah
Post Training Evaluation of Training Course on “Scientific Rearing of Goat” Organized by Goat Research Station, A.A.U. 535
P Prabaharan, P A Davasia and C Pandiyan Proximate Chemical Composition of Different Parts of Subabul (Leucaena Leucocephala) 541
Urmila Devi and Lali Yadav Knowledge and Opinion Assessment of Urban Youth About Various Legislative Protection Acts for Women 545
G M Sivakumar, B Dhanalakshmi and G Gawdaman Studies on Physico-Chemical, Microbiological and Sensory Characteristics of Low Fat Dairy Spread Prepared by Utilization of Co-Precipitate 551
K Sharma, J P Yadav and V P S Yadav Constraints Faced by Dairy Farmers in Adoption of Dairy Husbandry Practices 561
Rajesh Dahiya Capacity Building of Scheduled Caste Rural Women Through Garment Construction and Soft Toys Making 569
C S Arneja, R Khangura and V K Rampal Problems in Adoption of Pea Cultivation Practices Faced by Pea Growers in Punjab 579
Nalini Chandra and Razia Parvez NREGS: Status of Implementation in Allahabad District, Uttar Pradesh 587
Anu George, P J Rajkamal and Jiji R S Socio-Personal Characteristics of Livestock Farmers of Thrissur District, Kerala 593
Preeti Singh and Indu Grover Access to and Use of Mobile in Rural Haryana 599
K Bharara, P Sandhu and R Bakhshi A Study into Working Conditions of Unskilled Women Workers in Construction Industry in Punjab State 605
Soma Biswas and K Pradhan Identification of the Stakeholders’ Perceived Attributes Related to Cauliflower Production Through Participatory Approach 613
G Kaur, P Sandhu and R Bakhshi Referigeration Storage Practices of Residents of Ludhiana City: Need for Intervention 625
Priyanka, Nirmal Yadav, Krishna Khambra and Nisha Arya Assessment and Knowledge Acquisition of Women Through Creative Reuse of Discarded Garments 635
K R Kadam and S S Hiremath A Study on Contract Farming in Medicinal Plants: A Case Study 641