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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.53 No.3 (May - June), 2012

Subhas Chand and K C Meena Factors Responsible for Non-Adoption of Groundnut Production Technology  181
U R Tamuli and P Hazarika Association Between the Personal, Socio-Economic, Communication and Psychological Variables and the Extent of Adoption of Scientific Dairy Management Practices of Non-Tribal Dairy Farmers  187
B S Yadav and I M Khan Extent of Adoption of Improved Cultivation Practices of Cauliflower by the Farmers of Govindgarh Panchayat Samiti of Jaipur District  191
G Venkata Murali and P Venkataramaiah Constraints of Students in Utilisation of Agricultural Websites and Suggestions to Overcome Them  199
Mithilesh Verma, Anjana Fellows and Neelma Kunwar Nutritional Value of Selected Preserved Food  205
Surinderjit Kaur, Neelam Grewal and Surjit Kaur Consumer Awareness and Problems With Respect to Purchase of Textiles/Electrical Appliances  211
M L Meena, Dheeraj Singh and Aiswarya Dudi Impact of Indigenous Technology Use in Maize Production Technology in Arid Zone of Rajasthan  219
C Manivannan, G Kathiravan and G Srinivasan Socio-Personal and Socio-Psychological Characteristics of Link Worker Couples of Tamil Nadu Livestock Development Project  227
M N Ray, C R Deka and S Brahma Correlates of Knowledge Level of Dairy Farmers in the Kamrup District of Assam  235
Namita Sultania, Neelma Kunwar, Akansha Chaudhary and Preeti Singh Yadav Effect of Society Parameters on Adolescents in Depression and Increase the Suicide Rate in India  243
Vishala Patnam and Sumangala Badami Weightages Given for Criteria of Mate Selection by Maharshtrian Post-Graduate Male and Female Students  249