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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.53 (6) (Nov - Dec, 2012) (509 - 515)


Ishwar Singh
S.M.S. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Burhanpur (M.P.)

Senior Lecturer, MGGCVV, Satna

Associate Professor, B.M.College of Agriculture, Khandwa


The study was conducted in the eight villages of two blocks (four each) of Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh during the year 2009-2010. The overall result of adoption reveals that among five selected practices, maximum adoption was about 82.50 per cent in modern variety and fertilizer application practices. Maximum adoption gap was observed on seed treatment (88.06%) followed by plant protection measures (50.00%). Overall adoption among farmers was found 58.39 per cent and overall adoption gap was found 41.61 per cent. Out of 15 independent variables, when put together for assessment of correlation coefficient with extent of adoption of soybean production technology only five variable such as land holding, credit acquisition, annual income, level of irrigation and  level of knowledge were found positive and significantly correlated with the extent of adoption at 0.01 and 0.05 level of probability. In case of multiple regression step down method was used. Out of six selected independent variables in the models four variable shows significant effect such as land holding, annual income, credit acquisition and level of knowledge were found with extent of adoption at the 0.05 and 0.01 level of probability, respectively. However, all six variables showed the 20.44 per cent (R2 = 0.2044) variation in extent of adoption of soybean production technology.


Transfer of new agricultural technology is necessary for farmer in an usable form. But it has been observed that the dissemination of the new farm technology is limited amongst the farmers and ultimately result in low yield. Transfer of new technology is very important to increase the agricultural production. Although a large number of research have been done but not all of them have been adopted by the farmers. It’s results a wide gap between the available knowledge and its adoption. Soybean crop has been considered important for meeting the requirement of balanced diet in human being.

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