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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.53 (6) (Nov - Dec, 2012) (553 - 555)


R.Kavitha, D.Chandrasekaran, M.R.Purusothaman and K.Nanjappan
Department Of Animal Nutrition
Veterinary College And Research Institute, Namakkal -637001


The vegetable feed ingredients used in the poultry contain nearly two thirds of the phosphorus as phytates. Cereal by products contained highest amount of phytate P () followed by oil seed meals () and cereals and millets. Almost similar trend was found for total P content about 2/3 of total phosphorus was found as phytate P among cereal  by products which was relatively higher than oilseed meals, cereals and millets

Key words : Total phosphorus, phytate phosphorus, plant feed stuffs


Plant feedstuffs are the major constituents of poultry diets. About two-third of phosphorus of feedstuffs of plant origin is present as  phytic acid in the form of  phytate. Phytate (phytic acid), myoinositol hexakis dihydrogen phosphate, is a normal component of all seeds. Around 70-80 per cent of the phosphorus in the cereal grains and oil seeds exists in the form of phytic acid (Ravindran et al., 1999). Among the feedstuffs it is highest in cereal byproducts (73-84 per cent) followed by oil seed meals (51-82 per cent), cereals and millets (60-73 per cent) (Tyagi et al., 1998). Phytic acid is the main storage form of phosphorous in plants. In general phytate phosphorus is mostly unavailable to birds. Bioavailability of phytate phosphorus in maize and soybean meal for poultry range from 10 to 30 per cent (Nelson, 1967; Calvert et al., 1978).

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