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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (2) (Mar - Apr, 2015) (197-202)


Ruma Bhattacharya
Asstt. Prof., Govt. Degree College
Sonamura, Tripura (West)

Chimnabai II was the bold and dynamic wife of Sayajirao III, the Maharaja of Baroda. Here it is important to say few words about Sayajirao-III. He was in fact the ruler of Baroda Sate from 1875-1939. His long rule of nearly sixty years proved extremely fruitful for the people of Baroda. It is interesting to note that besides being a benevolent ruler he was also a great social reformer of India who tried to improve status of women by education and also by progressive legislations. In 1881 he established a female training college to provide trained teachers in all girls’ school. In 1885 he announced his resolve to give special attention to women education. In 1906 he made primary education compulsory for girls, side by side with the boys ; in 1917 he established Maharani Girls’ High School for the spread of secondary education among girls.As a result of his efforts significant development was noticed in the development and spread of women education. Besides he passed the following legislations to improve the social status of women : The Widow remarriage Act (1901); Child marriage Prevention Act (1904); The Special marriage Act (1908); The Hindu Divorce Act (1931); The Hindu Women’s Property Act (1933).

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