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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (2) (Mar - Apr, 2015) (215-218)


Renuka Aggarwal* and Navdeep Kaur Sandhu
*Assistant Professor
Punjab Agricultural University, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Faridkot


Krishi Vigyan Kendra imparts need based and skill oriented trainings to increase the agricultural production and to create an employment for the rural community. The rural community not only requires the knowledge of the technologies but also the skills in various agricultural and its allied fields. The Kendra provides the trainings not only in agriculture and allied vocations but also in other income generating activities that increases the income of the farm families. The present study was conducted in district Faridkot of Punjab. A sample of 200 rural women trained by KVK, Faridkot was selected purposively. The study was undertaken with the objective to assess the impact of vocational training programmes on knowledge and adoption level of farm women. A test performa was developed to assess the knowledge of the women who participated in the training programmes. The test conducted on the respondents showed a significant (P≤0.01) increase in the knowledge of the respondents as majority of the respondents (66%) gained complete knowledge after the training programme and majority of them (51%) had adopted the practices and the recommendations made during the training programme, which shows a positive impact of the vocational training programmes. Therefore, the Vocational trainings conducted by KVK play an important role in developing the skills among the farm women and also benefitting them for generation of income.

Key words: Knowledge, adoption, vocational training, farm women


The Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) an educational institution, offers a very real opportunity by organizing trainings to work closely with trainees in developing a skilled and educated work force. It designs different kinds of vocational training courses for farmers/farm women/rural youths. Vocational trainings refers to a certain type of trainings whose main objective is preparing people for work. Different attempts are being made by KVKs to make rural community especially rural women self sufficient through various training programmes. The vocational training programmes take into account all methods and means which will result in skill development among women. After conducting the training programmes follow-up programmes are organized for converting the obtained skills of the trainees into practice. Keeping in mind the importane of vocational training programmes imparted by KVK, a study was undertaken with the objective to assess the impact of vocational training programmes on knowledge and adoption level of farm women.

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