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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (2) (Mar - Apr, 2015) (251-258)


Princy* and Tejpreet Kaur Kang**
*Research Fellow and **Associate Professor
Department of Human Development, College of Home Science
Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141004


Psychological well being refers to what people think and how they feel about their lives in positive ways. Happiness is a nebulous term, which to date has different meanings to different people. To some it is synonymous with “joy” while others accept the standard dictionary definition that happiness is a state of well being or contentment- a condition dominated by pleasurable satisfaction. The aim of the present study was to find out the state of happiness and psychological well being among elderly males and females and further to find out the relationship of psychological well being to their state of happiness. For this purpose 360 elderly (180 males and 180 females) of Punjab state, ranging from 65 and above were taken as sample. To measure psycholgical well being, Cornell medical health index questionnaire by Wig, Parshad and Verma was used and Oxford Happiness Inventory developed by Argyle was used to measure the happiness among elderly in the present study. Result indicated that significantly more happiness is perceived by elderly males as compared to their female counterparts. Gender differences revealed that males were having more psychological problems as compared to females. Significant and positive relationship between psychological well being with state of happiness among elderly was found.

Key words: Psychological well being, happiness and old age

A sharp decrease in mortality and fertility rates due to the avalibility of better health care services has changed India’s demographic ratio with rapid increase in population of the elderly. So much so that it has acquired the label of “ an ageing nation” with at least 7.7 percent of its population being more than 60 years old. These rising numbers of the elderly in India have brought along various associated problems like medical, social, economic and emotional.

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