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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (2) (Mar - Apr, 2015) (287-292)


P Jaisridhar
Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Extension
Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture, Pollachi

Gopal Sankhala, K S Kadian and Senthil Kumar
Division of Dairy Extension, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal

S Sangeetha
Department of Agricultural Extension
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore


Scientific Dairy Farming in India is gradually being adopted by farming community due to the overriding effect on increased milk yield. This study examined the socio economic determinants of dairy farmers and their relationship with adoption of scientific dairy farming practices in Tamil Nadu State, SouthIndia. Data was collected from 150 randomly selected respondents in the study area and was analyzed using Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS) software. The results revealed that Education status, herd size, frequency of contact, information utilization pattern and information seeking behaviour significantly correlated with the scientific dairy farming among dairy farmers of Tamil Nadu. It was recommended that adequate awareness should be created by the State Agricultural Department to generate the interest of farmers towards the use of instant information sources like Farmer’s Call Centre (FCC) for clean milk production and enhanced milk yield. Efforts should also be made to strengthen the centre with trained staffs and advanced communication facilities like tele and video conferencing so that a reasonable number of farmers can be reached with scientific dairying information.

Key words: Scientific dairy farming, farmer’s call centre, socio economic determinants, correlation co-efficient, regression, Tamil Nadu.


India is home for the largest milch animal population in the World. It became world’s largest milk producer after implementation of Operation Flood Schemes and Tamil Nadu State is one among major producers of milk in the Country. As the country is marching towards self-sufficiency in milk production, sustaining it is always a great challenge. As most of the part in the southernpeninsulas especially Tamil Nadu depends on monsoon rain, the state is prone to drought if monsoon fails. When nature disappoints farmers and farming, the area is governed by climatic factors like high relative humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations which jointly have a limiting factor on milk production in animals that are quite productive. Because of low milk yield, and poor productive performance of animals, one of the most effective things required by a farmer for raising milk productivity is talking with the experts using advanced devices like telephones and mobile technologies, seeking informationon scientific dairy farming and adopting the same at ground levelto keep pace with this loss (Ashish et al. 2011). This study was all about dairy farmers of Tamil Nadu who obtained information on scientific dairy farming practices from farmer’s call centre (FCC) and the critical investigation was to find the socio economic determinants that influenced them to adoptscientific dairy farming delivered through farmer’s call centre.

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