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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.56 No.3 (May - June), 2015

Promila Dahiya, Kiran Singh, Manju Mehta and D K Sharma Health Status of Workers in Polyhouse Farming  361
K Vijayasarathy and K R Ashok Trend in Climatic Variables in the Agro Climatic Zones of Tamil Nadu - An Economic Analysis 369
L S Sehgal and V K Rampal Training Needs of Fruit Growers in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab  381
Kavita and Sandeep Kumar Determinant of Work Participation of Farm Household Women in Agricultural Activities: A Study of Baghpat District of Uttar Pradesh  387
K P Vanetha and A Senthil Awareness and Utilization of Farm Equipments by Farmers in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu  403
Shivpal Kumhar,  Sangram Singh, M K Jangid and
B L Dhayal
Adoption of Improved Animal Husbandry Practices Among the Dairy Farmers  409
R Ravikumar and P Paramasivam Socio-Economic Factors Influencing in Conversion of Agricultural Lands in Western Zone of Tamil Nadu  415
G Swathi, R Vasantha and
S Kiran
A Study on Socio-Economic Profile of Tribal Farmers in Visakhapatnam District of Andhara Pradesh  425
Subhash Babu, Raghavendra Singh, R K Avasthe, G S Yadav and Tirtha Kumari Chettri Design and Evaluation of Innovative Interventions Linking Agricultural Production System and Human Nutrition with Poverty Alleviation  433
B Kavitha and
T R Shanmugam
Assessing the Role of Credit on Mango Production under GAP System  439
Tomba Chingtham A Comparative Study of the Emotional Intelligence of Jawahar Navodaya Vidalaya Students in Manipur  449
M V Karuna Jeba Mary,
V Ravichandran,
S Sangeetha and K Indumathy
Empowerment of Rural Women through Self Help Groups  457
Pravesh Singh Chauhan, K L Dangi, Narpat Singh and Santosh Samota Farmers Antecedents Affecting Action Adoption of Scientific Soybean Cultivation - A Case of FLD  465
Ishwar Singh,
K K Singh and
K C Meena
Correlates of Adoption of Soybean Production Technologies by the Farmers  475
Santosh Sethi
Savita Vermani and
Bharat Bhushan
Socio-Economic Traits of Agricultural Labourers in Haryana (India)  481
K Indumathy and P Muthiah Manoharan Empowerment of Tribes through Developmental Programmes for their Sustainable Livelihood  489
N Vani and
T V Neelakanta Sastry
An Assessment of Technology on Net Farm Returns and Employment of Farmers in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh  495
Divya Sharma Indian Women in Nairobi: Family, Marriage, Mujra  505
A Manivannan,
R Subramanian and N K Sudeep Kumar
Constraints of Voluntary Agencies in Rural Developmental Efforts  523
Sazzad Parwez Agriculture for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth of Indian Economy: A Developmental Perspective  529
Soumya Sankar, Reeja George and P J Rajkamal Influence of Role Stress on Social Commitment of Veterinarians in Kerala  541