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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.56 No.4 (July - Aug), 2015

Raghavendra Singh, Subhash Babu, R K Avasthe and Chewang Dem Phempunadi Crop Diversification: Opportunities for Improving Rural Livelihoods in Sikkim  545
K Anitha Kumari and B Jamuna Rani Contributory Factors of Role Performance of Women Sarpanch in Andhra Pradesh  553
J Talukdar and K K Saharia Problems of Rural Women: A Study in the Sector of Health, Empowerment and Animal Husbandry  561
Arun Kumar and Prakash Singh An Assessment of Opinion of Officials and Non-Officials Associated with MNREGA  567
Rupinder Kaur Grewal, Deepika Vig and Sarita Saini Relationship of Visual Perception and Writing Readiness With Quality Handwriting  577
T Thanga Durai and Daniel V Samuel A Export Performance and Direction of Trade of Cashew Products in India  587
Anita Rajpal and Vadana Punia Study Habits in Relation to Personal Profile: An Empirical Analysis  595
Vijay Kumar,
A K Dixit, K Singh and Braj Mohan
Changing Trends of Exposure Visits at CIRG  605
T Thanga Durai and Daniel V Samuel A Growth and Instability of Indian Cashew- An Economic Analysis  613
P Archana, A Srinivas, G Manasa, G Swathi and V Sudha Rani Content Analysis of Rythuvani Farm Magazine  621
G Swathi, R Vasantha and
S Kiran
Traditional Knowledge of Tribal Farmers on Agrobiodiversity (landraces) in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh  629
V Deepthi, P Rambabu and
N Krishna Priya
Indigenous Technologies in Cropping Systems- An Analytical Study in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh  637
N Krishna Priya and Jayashree Krishnakutty Gender Roles and Major Threats Faced by the Farmers in Agrobiodiversity Conservation of Thrissur District of Kerala  645
Preethi Chandrashekar, S Vaster, A B Sunitha, B Yashodhara and Reshma Impact of Agro-Met Advisory Services (AAS) on Beneficiaries and Non-Beneficiaries Socio-Economic Characteristics  651
Khwairakpam Sharmila and
Sukhminder Kaur
An Analysis of Causative Factors Leading Children to Street in Ludhiana City  659
V Uma, K M Sakthivel, N Narmatha and N Akila Insight of the Readers on Kalnadai Kathir - A Farm Magazine  669
Ku. Sushila, K N S Banafar and Sumit Kumar Sori Fisheries Self Help Group: A Novel Approach for Women Empowerment in Balod Block of Durg District of Chhattisgarh  677
B A Gudade, T N Deka, N K Bhattarai, P Chhetri, A K Vijayan and U Gupta Awareness about Large Cardamom Production Technology among Tribal Farmers in North Sikkim  687
Rituraj Boruah, S Borua, C R Deka and D Borah Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Tribal Winter Vegetable Growers in Jorhat District of Assam  693
P Jaisridhar, M Sankar and P Velusamy Scale to Measure Student’s Attitude Towards Role-Playing in Agriculture  699
Monosri Johari, K K Saharia and L Sanathoi Khuman Credibility of Information Sources Relating to Piggery Development in Underprivileged Areas  707
A Srinivas and
D N Bhalekar
Study on Profile of Biofertilizers using Farmers in Major Crops in Wardha District of Maharashtra  711