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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (4) (July - Aug, 2015) (567-575)


Arun Kumar
Research Scholar, Department of Extension Education
Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (BHU)
Varanasi- 221005

Prakash Singh
Professor, Department of Extension Education
NDUA & T, Kumarganj, Faizabad (UP) - 224229


India is a developing country, bearing more than 70 percent of its population in rural areas. With increase in population the unemployment increases parallel. It is a time to provide some sort of guaranteed programmes for the people in the rural areas for providing the standard livelihood. This study was carried out in Milkipur block of Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh with 16 officials and 108 non-officials as respondents as functionaries of MNREGA at village and block levels and opinion of these 124 respondents on general, socio-economic upliftment, amenities, auditing and monitoring as well as officials and non-officials aspects of opinion about proper functioning of MNREGA were assessed. Under general aspect, the opinion of officials was come-up as “MNREGA helps in decreasing the rural migration” and opinion of non-officials “Provision of health insurance during work period is beneficial” occupied first rank. Under socio-economic upliftment aspect, the opinion of officials and non-officials as “MNREGA enhances the livelihood security in the rural areas” got first rank. Under amenities aspect, the opinion i.e. “Implementation of programme during the lean month helps to the beneficiaries” of officials and non-officials was also got first rank”. Under auditing and monitoring aspect of opinion of the officials “Giving the guidelines about scheme to the beneficiaries is good” got first rank whereas non-officials opinion “Provision of effective monitoring in the scheme by the Gram Sabha is worthwhile” got first rank. Under officials and non-officials aspect, the opinions of both officials and non-officials “At the worksite, only qualified persons are required to maintain accounts and records of the beneficiaries” received first rank.

Key words: MNREGA, MNREGS, Opinion, Officials and Non-officials.


India remains predominantly a rural nation; poverty and unemployment are the main issues, attracting the attention of Government. It indicates a condition in which a person fails to maintain a living standard adequate for a comfortable lifestyle. Though, India boasts of a high economic growth, it is shameful that there is still large scale poverty in India. Poverty in India can be defined as a situation when a certain section of people are unable to fulfil their basic needs. India is considered to be the world’s largest number of poor people living country...

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