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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (4) (July - Aug, 2015) (587-594)


T Thanga Durai
Ph.D. Scholar, Dept of Agricultural Economics
Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai - 625104

Daniel V Samuel A
Professor, Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.


India has an inherent potential to dominate the international markets in horticultural sector especially cashew kernel and liquid. India is one of the largest processor, exporter and importer of cashew in the world. The quantity of cashew kernel exported to countries such as USA, UAE, Japan, United Kingdom and group of other countries shows positive growth rate except Netherland. In terms of value, cashew kernel exported to all countries shows positive growth rate. Both in terms of quantity and value, the cashew nut liquid exported to USA, Korean republic, Indonesia and group of other countries shows positive growth rate except UK and Japan. India has to concentrate on potential markets for the export of cashew nut liquid. The result of markov analysis for cashew kernel indicated that USA, Netherland and UAE is the major stable importer and Japan and United Kingdom are the unstable importers. For the cashew nut liquid, the result of Markov analysis indicated that USA, Korean Republic and Japan are the major stable importer and Indonesia and UK are the unstable importers.

Key words: Export, Cashew kernel, Cashew liquid, Compound growth rate, Markov chain analysis


The cashew trade has an important contribution in India’s International trade. It plays a vital role in contributing foreign exchange to the government of India. Cashew nut is the important horticulture crop which is secured the third rank in the international market of horticultural crops. Cashew nut industry may play very important role in the development of hilly region or rural area. India has historical importance in this regard that it is the first country in the world that started the international trade of cashew. India ranked first accounting for about 92 percent of total import of raw cashew nut. India’s export of cashew nut (without shell, fresh or dried) represents 28 percent of world export...

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