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Indian Journal of Social Research Vol.56 (4) (July - Aug, 2015) (595-604)


Anita Rajpal
Lecturer in Chemistry, DIET, Mattersham, Hisar

Dr. Vadana Punia
Faculty, Department of Education, Choudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa


The paper examines the study habits of students studying in District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) and private sector educational institutes in the State of Haryana. A sample of 200 students has been taken for the analysis. Mean, SD and one way analysis of variance have been used to analyse the data. The analysis of data reveals that there exists significant difference between the study habits and various variables of students such as steam, status of father, income and category etc.The efforts should be made to motivate the students coming from different streams to improve their study habits. Awareness among students be increased regarding the significance of study habits and availability of various material in the schools. The financial assistance should be provided to students coming from poor families so that they may be able to purchase study material and even study material be made available to them through various schemes. It is recognised that the schools need large number of teachers and well furnished libraries along with state of modern laboratories having internet and smart class room facilities. These facilities will motivate the students to develop the better study habits.


Education is playing an imperative role in the economic development of the nations at the global level. The economic development of nations has been attributed to large number of factors and growth of education is considered to be one of the major factors. It has also been observed that growth of nations is positively linked with the spread of education. Education also helps the people in sorting out the various socio-economic problems encountered by people of societies. This issue assumes more significance in the under- developed and developing economies of the world.  India being, the developing economy faces the various socio-economic problems and the spread of education can be one of the tools through which various problems relating to growth and development can be sorted out.  The   country needs to develop a strong educational base. Strong educational base starts from the school level and ultimately influences skill and development of population. Strong educational base is influenced by large number of factors. Some of the important factors include inputs provided to the students in the form of classroom teaching, provision of better infrastructure and environment available to the students at home.

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