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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.56 No.5 (Sep - Oct), 2015

Gargi Dhar and Nandini Sarwate Hypertension and Associated Health Problems  719
K.M. Sharma,
Harish Verma,
Ram Asarey and K.C. Sharma
Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on Productivity of Gram (Cicer Arietinum) in Sawaimadhopur District of Rajasthan  729
Swarn Lata and Razia Parvez Management Profile of Elderly Suffering with Lower Limb Problems  735
Bhawana Rohilla and Manju Dahiya Perception of Parents Regarding Impact of Right to Education Act in Hisar District  743
G. Rebelson Eliot, K. Shanmukh Sagar and Mayuri Koripalli Economic and Financial Feasibility Analysis of Establishing Multigrain Atta Processing Unit  751
Mayuri Koripalli, Shanmukh Sagar Kunuku and
Hyma Jyothi
Constraint Analysis on Commercial Floriculture Nursery Management  759
S. Usha Nandhini and P. Paramasivam Economic Impact of Disaster Vulnerability on Income of the Rural Farmers in Tamil Nadu, India  765
Maina Kumari, O. P. Singh and Dinesh Chand Meena Innovations in Financing Agriculture: A Case Study of Kisan Credit Card  773
R. Rajasekaran and K.A. Ponnusamy Constraints Encountered and Suggestion Offered by the Tribes of Nilgiris District in Restoration and Conservation of Agrobiodiversity  783
Jitesh Vilas Keshave, Rashmi Ambulkar and P. S. Ananthan Market Dynamics and Role of Fisherwomen at Naigaon Night Fish Market in Thane District of Maharashtra  791
Ranjana Chaudhary, Rekha Dayal and Poonam Singh Awareness of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities among Working and Non-Working Women in Kanpur Nagar  801
David J. Baite and R.K. Kalra Impact of Socio-Personal and Psychological Traits on the Overall Benefits Derived by the Beekeepers  805
Niharika Joshi and Kang Tejpreet Self-Esteem of Rural and Urban Infertile Women: A Comparative Study  817
K. Chayal and B. L. Dhaka Empowerment of Rural Women Through Micro Entrepreneurship Development  825
Laitonjam Valentina and Jatinder K. Gulati Social Adjustment Profile of Adolescents of Ludhiana City  829
S. Rashmi, M.V. Mokashi, P.B. Khadi and V. Gaonkar Factors Influencing Depression among Destitute Women  835
M.S. Kannadhasan, N.K. Sudeepkumar and R. Asha Rajini Contribution of farm Women in Backyard Poultry Farming Activities  843
Dileep Kumar H., Rupasi Tiwari, Rakesh Roy and B.L. Balaraju Development and Assessment of a Need Based Video on Scientific Swine Management to Promote Transfer of Knowledge among Pic Farmers  849
Jitesh V. Keshave, P.S. Ananthan, Asha Landge, S.N. Ojha and Rama Sharma Constraints Faced by the Fishers’ in Reservoir Fisheries of Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra State  855
R. Kavitha and D. Chandrasekaran Effect of Adding Non Starch Polysaccharide Degrading (NSP) Enzymes and Phytase on Digesta Viscosity in Broilers  863
Nimisha Suryavanshi and
Razia Parvez
Major Problems of Flower Harvesters  867
S. Kavitha and B. Kavitha Adoption Behaviour of Rice Farmers on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Technology  873
Meenaxi Tiwari and Sudha Babel Assessment of Physical Health Hazards of Knitting Industry Workers  883
M. Preethi, R. Geetha Reddy and Manasa Grandhi A Study on Profile Characteristics of SHG Women in Chittoor Districts of A.P.  889
Rekha Verma, Razia Parvez and Jyoti Singh Rana Bio-Mechanical Analysis of Making Dung Cake Activity of Rural Women  895