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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.56 No.6 (Nov - Dec), 2015

Sunita Dhaka, Manju Dahiya and Sushma Kaushik Gender Wise Impact of MGNREGA Scheme on Overall Quality of Life in Rural Haryana 903
Krishna Duhan and Anju Aneja Educating Women on Gender Socialization for Gender Mainstreaming in Rural Haryana 909
S. Hemalatha, S. Moghana Lavanya and
V.M. Indumathi
Amalgamating Leadership and Employees Attitudinal and Behavioural Outcomes 919
Sangita Kamble and
Vishala Patnam
Comparison of the Home Environment Provided to the Preschool Children Based on Their SES 925
Lakhwinder Kaur and R.K. Kalra A Study of Extension Approaches Used by the Managers in Managing the Self Help Groups 931
Gurwinder Singh and Parmod Kumar Aggarwal Substance Abuse in Punjab 941
Shanmukh Sagar Kunuku and Mayuri Koripalli A Study on Constraints of Rice Mills in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh 955
K. Chitrambigai,
A. Serma, Saravana Padian, J. Shilpa Shree and M. Prabu
Consumer Awareness and Preference for Alternate Poultry Meat in Chennai City, India 959
Rekha Dayal, Azra Sultan, Chhavi Verma and Poonam Singh Organizational Contextual Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Bank Employees: A Study on Public and Private Sector Banks 965
Neelam Saini and Krishna Khambra Self-Employment as Determinant of Women Empowerment 973
P. Asha Priyanka, S. Muraligopal and E. Nandakumar Factors Influencing Adoption of Soil Reclamation Measures: Evidences and Implication 979
Mohan Lal Yadav, Devi Singh Rajput and Pankaj Mishra Utilization Pattern of Information Sources of Tribal Livestock Owners for Scientific Livestock Management Practices and Technologies 991
M. Swetha and M. Jagan, Mohan Reddy Designing an Effective Strategy for Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs 997
A.C. Lohakare, S.H. Gawande, Vaishali Banthiya and S.P. Landge Adoption of Animal Husbandry Practices And Constraints Faced by Cattle Owners in Suicide Affected District of Vidarbha Region in Maharashtra 1003
Sanjay Sachan and Anuradha Dutta Self Help Groups - An Ideal Medium for Transfer of Technology to Farmers 1015
P. Asha Priyanka and S. Muraligopal An Assessment of Behavioural and Attitudinal Difference Between Organic and Non-Organic Consumer in Tamilnadu 1025
K. Mohanambal, D. Sudha and V.M. Murugasen Prevalence of Gastrointestinalhelminthosis in Small Ruminants 1041
Smita Bhuyan and Chittaranjan Deka Engagement of Rural Women in Weaving in Kokrajhar District of Assam 1045
Raksha, I Sreenivasa Rao and Shaik N Meena Development of an Attitude Scale to Measure Attitude of Extension Personnel Towards Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) in Agricultural Extension System 1051
Vivek Mahla, Vijay Kumar Choudhary, Mohan Lal Yadav, Jay Singh Saharan and Sanjay Kumar Study on Different Constraints Perceived by Kankrej Cattle Breed Keepers of Western Rajasthan 1057