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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.57 No.1 (Jan - Feb), 2016

Promila Dahiya, Kiran Singh and Kusum Rana Biomechanical Stress in Polyhouse Workers: A Study  1
A. S. Mamatha, Lata Pujar and Jyoti Vastrad Mental Ability among Retired Senior Citizens 15
Vivek Pal, R. L. Shiyani and N. J. Ardeshna Livelihood Status Index: A Districts Level Approach in Poverty Analysis  21
J. Thilagam and S. Praveena Utilisation Behaviour of Rainfed Area Development Programme (RADP) by Farmers in Perambalur District 35
Santosh Sethi, Savita Vermani and
Bharat Bhushan 
Analysis of the Working Conditions of Agricultural Labours (ALs) in Haryana State (India)  47
Renu Bala and Sheela Sangwan Impact of Intervention on Social and Emotional Skills of Adolescents  53
Shreedevi B. Mugalkhod, Renuka S. Salunke, P. R. Sumangala and Surekha Sankanagoudar Impact of Food Adulteration and Detection Techniques among Rural High School Students 59
M. Siddharth, T. M. Kaneesha and A. Sundaresan Physical Quality Characteristics of Rice During Bulk Storage  69
Shakuntala Punia and Santosh Sangwan Impact Assessment of Intervention Programme on Depressive Rural Children  75
Pankaj Kumar and Prabhjot Kaur A Scale to Measure the Role Expectation/Perception of Subject Matter Specialists of Krishi Vigyan Kendras  83
B. L. Asiwal, Sangram Singh, Juned Akhter and Rajesh Verma Impact of Front Line Demonstrations on Technology Transfer and Adoption of Improved Mustard Production Technology  93
Suman Pant and Neeta Nagpal Sustainability and Eco-Management Aspects of Shoddy Industry at Panipat (Haryana)  99
Shailja Singh, Rekha Dayal and Chhavi Verma Problems Regarding Housing Finance Practices of Urban Households in Kanpur Nagar (U.P.)  109
Alexandros Argyriadis The Timeless Crisis in Greece and its Relation to Death  115
Chhavi Verma, Rekha Dayal and Azra Sultan Role of the Important Retention Benefits for IT Sector Employees  125
Khalid Hussain, Braj Mohan, Vijay Kumar, A. K. Dixit and A. K. Chaturvidani Recommendations Regarding Improvement of Sheep Production in Sub-Tropical Zone Jammu and Kashmir  131
Sulekha and Rajendra Rathore Effectiveness of Developed Training Package Regarding Rain Water Harvesting  137
M. Swetha, M. Jagan Mohan Reddy and V. Sudharani Parameters for Development of Women Entrepreneurs  147
P. S. Hundekar and M. Patil Experimental Study on Economic Empowerment of Women  153
Manish Mishra Adulteration in Commercially Important Raw Medicinal Plants of Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra: Awareness among Consumers   and Changing Behavior of End Users  159