Academic & Law Serials


Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.55 No.1, 2014

  1. Comparative Analysis on Demographic Profile of Veterinary Students in India by P Thilakar, Hema Tripathi and G Senthilkumar, Pp 1 - 10.
  2. Problems of Grain Storage at Farmers’ Level and Their Preferences for Different Storage Methods by Hosakoti, S S, Dolli, S S and Uma Hiremath, Pp 11-16.
  3. Son Preference and Its Impacts on Birth Interval by L Hemochandra, R K Bhanisana and N Montessori, Pp 17-22.
  4. Demographic Profile Of Women Farmers In Northern Transitional Zone Of Karnataka – An Analysis Of Their Impact On Sustainable Agriculture by Veena  S Jadhav, Archana Bhatnagar and Deepa Naik, Pp 23-31.
  5. Nature And Extent Of Organizational Stress Of Scientists Of PAU, Ludhiana by U Supriya and D S Dhillon, Pp 33-44.
  6. Incidence And Characterization Of Aerobic Spore Farmers Isolated From Dairy Products by B Murugan, R Annal Villi, D Ramasamy, G M Sivakumar and H Gopi, Pp 45-49.
  7. Existing Knowledge Level Of Farm Women Regarding Conservation Of Natural Resources by Neeta Khandelwal and V P Sharma, Pp 51-57.
  8. Agricultural Modernisation In Hisar District : A Geographical Perspective by Anita Singh, Pp 59-72.
  9. Personal And Socio-Economic Characteristics Of The Elected Representatives And Government Officials Of Panchayati Raj Institutions by Manoj Kumar Jangid, Sangram Singh and B L Dhayal, Pp 73-83.
  10. Indian Involvement In Afghanistan: An Overview by Upasna Dahiya, Komal and Alka Gulati, Pp 85-89.
  11. Assessment Of Heavy Metal Residues In Muscle, Liver And Kidneys Of Pig Slaughtered In Puducherry Region (French Ruled Union Territory Of India) by G Gawdaman, M Sutha, G M Sivakumar and K Thirumurugan, Pp 91-95.
  12. Performance Of Broilers Fed Lime Treated, Polyethylene Glycol And Tannase Enzyme Supplemented Mango (Mangifera Indica) Seed Kernel Based Diets by P Vasantha Kumar and R Ravi, Pp 97-108.
  13. Gain In Knowledge And Change In Attitude Of SC Women Through Processing Of Dairy Products by Monika Yadav and Sudershan Mehta, Pp 109-115.
  14. Evaluation Of Front Line Demonstration In North-West Alluvial Plains Of Bihar by Anupma Kumari, Rakesh Kumar, Narendra Kumawat and Arun Kumar, Pp 117-122.
  15. Association Between Adoption Of Beneficiary And Non-Beneficiary Farmers With Respect To Groundnut Production Technology by B S Badhala and H L Jat, Pp 123-128.
  16. Marketing Pattern Adopted By SHGs And JLGs In Dairying In Barpeta And Kamrup Districts Of Assam by Nabaneeta Pathak, K K Saharia, Atul Borgohain and J K Saikia, Pp 129-135.
  17. Urbanisation, Structural Transformation And Employment Trends In India by Paramjit Singh and Balwinder Singh, Pp 137-152.
  18. Relational Analysis Between Personal, Social And Economic Traits Of The Pig Farmers And Their Entrepreneurial Behaviour In Kamrup District Of Assam by Janmoni Shyam and Atul Borgohain, Pp 153-156.
  19. Training Needs Of Dairy Farmers Of Jammu District by Shazia Shafiq, Pranav Kumar, S A Khandi and M S Bhadwal, Pp 157-163.
  20. Impact Of Sprinkler Irrigation On Farming Communities Of Haryana by Savita Vermani and Deep Punia, Pp 165-173.
  21. Constraints Faced By Tribal Women In Agriculture Development by V N Sidam, P R Deshmukh and C L Bhandare, Pp 175-178.
  22. Factors Affecting The Farmers’ Knowledge Level Towards Indigenous Water Harvesting Practices In Bikaner District Of Rajasthan by H R Pannu, J P Lakhera and J P Yadav, Pp 179-182.