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Contents - Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.58 No. 3 (May-June), 2017

Mahammadhusen K.
P R Kanani
Sipai Salman
Jagdish Joshi

Self Help Groups (SHGs): Myth or Reality for Woman Empowerment

Rakesh Sharma
Vikas Tandon
Sanjay Khar
Puneet Choudhary
Bharat Bhusan

Evaluation of Front Line Demonstrations on Maize in Hilly Region of Jammu and Kashmir State

Hemangini Solanki
Hanvitha Khambampati   
Arindam Das
Maternal Health Care Utilization in Empowered Action Group (EAG) States of India: An Introspection 289
J.Shilpa Shree
Y B Rajeshwari
K C Anitha
S Supriya
V Sudharshan
A R Banuprakash
Training Needs in Veterinary and Animal Sciences as Perceived by Veterinary Officers in Karnataka 303
G Swathi
P Rambabu
T Gopikrishna
D Vishnu Sankar Rao
V Srinivasa Rao
Livelihood Profile of Tribal Farmers in Andhra Pradesh 313

K M Sakthivel

Gender Division of Labour Among Households of Marginal and Landless Livestock Farmers 325
Savita Vermani
Rashmi Tyagi
Problem of Eve-teasing among Rural Women in Haryana 331
Tarsem Lal Research Problems Faced by College Librarian in Present Scenario 341
Rijul Sihag
Savita Vermani
Self Help Groups: An Effective Approach to Improve Economic Status of Women in Haryana 351

Priya, Kandasamy

Inactivation of Meat Spoilage Microorganisms Using Plant Extracts and Microbial Shelf Life Study of Meat at Refrigerated Condition 363
G. Begum
R. Debnath
M N Ray
S. Payeng
N. Islam
Differential Knowledge Level of Tribal and Non-Tribal farm women in Improved Animal Husbandry in Goalpara District of Assam 375

Bimal P Bashir,
Thirupathy Venkatachalapathy.R.

A Gender Perspective Study on Role Performance Among Goat Keepers in Northern Region of Kerala 381
D B Ramjiyani
S R Patel
G N Thorat
Attitude of Rural Youth Towards Agriculture as an Occupation 389
Manish Kumar
Alok Kumar
Exploring the Perceived Changes by Elderly in Tribal Community of Northern India 399