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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22 (1), Jan-June, 2017, pp. 9-17

Validation of Urban Growth and Land Use Model in Present Time: Context of Sonipat City, Haryana, India

Sandeep Kumar
Post Graduate Teacher (Geography) AMSSS
Bhiwani Rohilla, Hisar, Haryana


Urban growth and land use models are imperative and inventive instruments which measure the progression of urban areas. The present paper tries to check the validation of urban growth and land use model in present time in context of Sonipat city. GeoEye satellite image has been used to land use analysis and primary investigation was conducted to analysis the different land use pattern of study area. The applied model reveals that the categories of land use of city are central business district, whole sale and small/large industries, low class residential, middle class residential and high class residential. So far as the development of urban land use is concerned, there is only one location i.e. ‘Kutche Quarter’ as the form of C.B.D. The evaluation of different land use models reflects that at present expect sector model to some extent, no any model is applicable in context to Sonipat city. The pattern and growth of transport infrastructure determines the character of shape, organization and progression pattern of city.

Key words: Urban Growth, Land Use Model, Transport Network, GeoEye Image and Arc GIS 9.3


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