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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22 (1), Jan-June, 2017, pp.19-28

Estimation of Aquifer Characteristics From Pumping Test in Some Part of Purna River Sub Basin, Hard Rock Terrain, Central India

S. M. Tale
Assistant Professor
College of Engineering and Technology, Akola
SGB University Amravati, (MS) India.


To determine the aquifer parameters of the study area 5 pumping tests well in alluvial area and 8 pumping tests well in hard rock area (Basalt) have been conducted in the past on exploratory wells. Based on these tests, it was observed that in Alluvium the transmissivity ranges from 0.89 to 1575.96 m2/day and the storativity ranges from 1.09 x 10-3 to 3.00 x 10-6. The transmissivity in basalt ranges from 8.35 to 395.85 m2/day and the storativity varies between 8 x 10 -8 and 4.2 x 10 to 2.


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