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INDIAN JOURNAL OF GEOMORPHOLOGY Volume 22 (1), Jan-June, 2017, pp.29-40

Flood Frequency Analysis of the Boko River in southern part of Kamrup District, Assam using Gumbel’s Extreme Value Distribution

Indira Das* and Sujit Deka**

*Research Scholar
Department of Geography, Gauhati University,

Department of Geography, Pandu College under Gauhati University,


This paper presents the results of a study aimed at analyzing the flood frequency of Boko River using Gumbel’s extreme value distribution. With this purpose, Chi-square (X2) test analysis for 32 years flood discharge data at Boko gauge station are checked and worked out an insignificant difference (p=20.9) between the observed and predicted flood flow. This result stands for the goodness of fit in the Gumbel Distribution. Based on this model (XT value) the peak flood discharge in Boko River for 100 and 150 years are estimated to be 183.3 and 192.3 cumec respectively.


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