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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.13 No. 2 (May- August), 2017

Suman Verma
Renu Dhakar
Development of a Structured Interview Schedule on Reproductive Health for Tribal Women 145
Poonam Kundu
L.S. Beniwal
Sensitization of Women Through Food Preservation 151
Sunil Rajpurkar
Karuna Gupta
Fostering Religious Tolerance Among Students of Standard IX Through Moral Deliberation Approach Based on the Topic Diseases in Science 157
Pushpa Dhami
S. Sucharitha Devi
K. Uma Devi

Shape of Curve Alongwith Area Under Curve (Auc) – Important Predictor for Estimation of Glycemic Index (GI) 165
Akshata Sheelawantar
Vishala Patnam
Perceptions of Undergraduate Female Students About Marriage in Their Life and Dowry System 177
Anjana Singh
Garima Upadhyay
Attitudinal Perception of Adolescent Girls About Food Labels: Analytical Study of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi 187
Kammar M.R.
Katti Pramod
Causes and Prevalence of Malnutrition among Preschoolers in Raichur 205
Neeru Bala
Anisha Verma
Shikha Singh
Knowledge, Attitude and Feeding Practices of Under-Five Children in Jasra Block of Allahabad District 215
Uttara Singh
Aradhana Thakur
A Study on Hygiene, Food Safety Practices and Customers Stasifaction Among Street Food Vendors 221
Babita Bhandari
Shahnaz Jahan
Anita Rani
Garment Sizing System: An Indispensable Tool for Readymade Garments  235
Kiran Bala
Vinita Jain
Constraints Perceived by Scheduled Caste Women to Adopt Cutting and Tailoring as an Enterprise 243
Pinki Rani
Reetu Devi
Middle Adulthood: Menopausal Symptoms in Women of Various Ages in Haryana 255
Moni Singh
Mamta Sharma
A Study of the Knowledge of Home Makers Regarding Use of Fabric in Home Furnishing 269
Anchal Gupta
Kanwaljit Kaur Brar
Consumer Acceptance of the Innovatively Designed Indo-western Dresses 287
Suma Patil
P.B. Khadi
Maternal Knowledge Regarding Infant Development, Health and Nutrition In Rural and Urban Areas of Dharwad Taluk, Karnataka 297