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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.10 No.3, 2014

  1. Kameez Designing: An Entrepreneurial Activity by Archana Singh, Garima Singh and Sangeeta Singh, Pp 221-225.
  2. Preferences of Mothers Regarding Khadi Draperies and Bed Linen for Boys (8-11 Years of Age) by Harinder Kaur Saggu and Gurwinder Kaur, Pp 227-231.
  3. Estimation of Productivity Performance in Ludhiana Knitwear Industry by Prerna Sharma and Harinder Saggu, Pp 233-238.
  4. Studies on Nutritional Evaluation of Selected Black Gram based Vada and Vellai Appam by B Kavitha, G Hemalatha, S Kanchana, S P Sundaram and K Sivasubramaniam, Pp 239-248.
  5. Acquisition of Knowledge Regarding Food Preservation by Rajdeep Kaur and Charanjeet Kaur, Pp 249-255.
  6. Adolescents’ Adjustment and It’s Relation to Home Environment by Mukta Garg and Rama Nishad, Pp 257-262.
  7. Standardization of Optimum Concentration of Chemicals Used to Impart Crease Resistant Finish by Mona Verma, Krishna Khambra, Nirmal Yadav and Rajvir Singh, Pp 263-272.
  8. Dietary Habits and Physical Activity Pattern Among Adolescent Girls of Working Mothers by Priya Singla and Rajbir Sachdeva, Pp 273-284.
  9. Efficacy of Intervention Programme on Interpersonal Skills of Female Adolescents Living in Socio-Economic Hardship by Garima Choudhary and Jatinder K Gulati, Pp 285-295.
  10. Study on Wardrobe Planning Among College Girls of Hisar City by Priyanka Madan, Nirmal Yadav, Krishna Khambra and Nisha Arya, Pp 297-300.
  11. Effect of Physical Characterstics of Buckwheat Seed (Fagopyrum Esculentum) on Cooking Quality by Mani Mishra and Shashi Jain, Pp 301-303.
  12. Study of Design Adornment of Ikat Fabrics of India with Animals and Birds Motifs by Jyoti Bhasin Chaudhry and Suman Pant, Pp 305-317.
  13. Apple: Varieties and It’s Health Benefits by Meenakshi Yadav, Dinesh Chaudhary, Sudhanshu Vyas and Janak Upadhyay, Pp 319-325.