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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.9 No.1 (Jan - June), 2013

Rajesh Dahiya Resist Dyeing - A Boon for Self Employment  1
Raksha and Shanker Ravi Effect of Modified Sattu on Health Status of Children in Godda District of Jharkhand State  9
G M Sivakumar, B Dhanalakshmi, G Gawdaman, B Murugan and H Gopi Microbial Quality and Shelf Life Assessment of Protein Enriched Snack Food Prepared From the Coprecipitate  17
Aishwarya Dudi and Archana Raj Singh Association Between Awareness of the Rural and Urban Women About Female Foeticide and Independent Variables  25
Deepika Sharma and Raj Pathania Linguistic Skills of Children: A Comparative Study in Himachal Pradesh  35
Ritu, Asha Batra
Monika Yadav and Ella Rani
Identification of Crucial Message on Clothing and Textiles by Rural Women  43
Vandana Gupta
and Leena Kakkar
Nutritional Labeling-Innovative Element of Packaging and its Effect on Consumer Behavior  47
Gargi Dhar and
Nandini Sarwate
Diet Quality and Educational Status of Female  57
Rajdeep Kaur and Sandeep Bains Evaluation of Whiteness Index of Pesticide Contaminated Cotton/Polyester Blended Fabric  65
L Hemochandra, R K Bhanisana and N Montessori Effect of Breast Feeding on PPA and WTC of the Manipuri Women  71
Khadi P B, Hidangmayum N and Mokashi M Parental and Familial Factors Influencing Parenting Stress of Mentally Challenged Children  79
Neetu Singh and Ashu K Bajwa Relationship Between Father’s Consanguinity and Self-Confidence of the Adolescent Daughters  91