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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.9 No.2 (July - Dec), 2013

Jaswinder Sangha, Jasmeen and
Navjot Kaur
Assessment of Nutritional Profile of Teen Age Mothers  97
Vandana Gupta Dietary Modification and Iron-Folicacid Supplements - An Intervention on Iron Deficiency Anaemia Among Adolescent Girls  113
Shabnam Ansari, Ragini Mishra and Anita Chandola Impact of Family Income on Nutritional Status of Pre-School Children  119
Anita Ruhil, Nirmal Yadav,
Krishna Khambra
and Nisha Arya
Factors Affecting Selection of Curtains for Home Use  125
Swati Verma and Vibha Bhatnagar Development and Evaluation of Lentinus (Shiitake) Mushroom (Mathri)  131
M V Mokashi and P B Khadi Influence of Anxiety on Intelligence and Scholastic Achievement of Residential School Children  139
Anchal Singh, Kiran Grover and Inderjeet Singh Grewal Prevalence of Anaemia Among Adolescent Girls in Relation to Age, Body Mass Index and Socioeconomic Status in Ludhiana District of Punjab  149
Tara Negi and Shiwangi Prabhat Awareness and Use of Family Planning Methods Among Hilly Rural Women of Nainital District  159
Deepika Bisht and Rupa Bakhshi Water Reuse Practices Followed by Rural and Urban Homemakers of Ludhiana District of Punjab (India)  167
Latika Yadav and Renu Mogra Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Their Eradication  175
Preeti Yadav, Neelma Kunwar and Vinita Singh Nutrient Composition and Organoleptic Acceptability of Selected Recipes  183
Narmada Hidangmayum, Pushpa B Khadi and V S Yadav Child’s Characteristics Influencing Parenting Stress Among Normal and Developmentally Challenged Children  189
Shakti and Ritu Prakesh Dubey Nutritional Assessment of School Going Children (7-9 Years) of Faizabad District  201
Mukta Vohra and Neelma Kunwar Factors Responsible for Unhealthy Wight Control  207