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Contents - International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.8 No.1 (Jan - June), 2012

A Poorani, B Suresh Subramonian, A Elango and B Dhanalakshmi A Study on the Microscopic Structure of Bifidogenic and Synbiotic Milk Powder 1
R Kavitha, D Chandrasekaran, M R Pursothaman and K Nanjappan Effect of Non Starch Polysccharide Degrading Enzymes in Corn-Soya Based Broiler Diet 7
Ragini Mishra, Vidya Dayal and Sudha Mishra Impact of Media and Socio-Economic Status on Buying Behavior of Adolescent Girls : A Study 15
Surabhi Mahajan Serpent Motif in Textiles 23
Sonal Singh, Neelma Kunwar and Anjana Fellows Problems of Broken Marriage in Family 41
Nidhi Dubey and Renu Prasad Determination of Chemical Characteristics of Value Added Pineapple Jam 45
Mithilesh Verma and Videsh Kumar Verma Role of Women in Nutritional Security 51
Kanwaljit Brar and S P Sidhu Fashion Information Sources Used by Opinion Leaders Among Middle-Aged Women of Punjab During the Awareness Stage of Adoption 57
Khushwinder Kaur and Kanwaljit Brar Wardrobe Profile of College-Going Boys of Ludhiana 67
R Gupta, R Bakshi, P Sandhu and V Randhawa Risk Factors Associated With Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Women Engaged in Papad Rolling Activity 75